Community Connections

One thing that has become hugely apparent in this lead up to Christmas is how willing Irish people are to buy local and buy handmade. The overwhelming proof of this is the fantastic Facebook page started by Teresa Venables – called Shop In Ireland. If you haven’t yet found it, can I please recommend it wholeheartedly. You can search by ‘Topics’ in your mobile phone view, once you are on the page. The range of goods is nearly limitless and the creativity shown is just wonderful. You’ll be brought to tears by some of the stories people have to tell and your eyes will also be watering at the sheer scale of choice. It’s too late to ask you to buy your Black Friday goodies from Shop In Ireland, but the lovely stuff for sale there would suit the whole year round, not just Christmas. So click here to view of Shop In Ireland (This will take you to a Facebook Page). It really does feel like a warm blanket of a creative community thrown over us all!

Another website that brings together our own local people is here Waterford Crafts with website links and contact details for Waterford craftworkers. We can’t do our wonderful Craft Fair at Garter Lane – and it is such a pity. It’s grown from strength to strength each year & it’s so wonderful to see the support that creative people get from Waterford City and County. Another fantastic example of how Community Connections makes us all stronger.

Lastly myself and Clive have to apologise for some gaps in our stocks. We have been overwhelmed with orders from near and far. We thought we would sell very little because of no Craft Fairs this year, but thanks to you LOVELY PEOPLE we have managed to sell out of – Lipbalms, Massage Bars, Beard Oil and our fabulous Organic Moisturising Cream. And we don’t have a massive amount of anything left! If you do want to purchase some of our soaps, shampoo bars or Luisne products, I can only suggest you dive in quickly. Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase – it is much appreciated!

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