Pamper yourself with these great products for all over. Or choose to buy them as a special gift for someone you value.


A pack of 5 products including 40ml tubes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion with a bar of soap.
A luxury product attactively packaged in a sustainable and compostable pressed palm leaf tray, all 4 certified organic products by the soill association.


Mango Body Butter 

Mango Body ButterA deeply moisturising all over body butter especially suited to dry skin areas made with mango butter and coconut oil with lemon, lime, sweet orange, rose and patchouli essential oils.  



Massage Bars

A delicious blend of Shea Butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil in a textured bar. Less messy than liquid oils, these bars are solid at room temperature but melt with body heat to release the essential oils.
Available in:
Calming - a soothing blend of oils Out-of-stock
Uplifting - to lift feelings of apathy and depression
Sensual - a feminine and aphrodisiac scent Out-of-stock
Sports Blend - great for aching muscles and joints.


Foot & Leg Reviver

A peppermint and lavender based blend of mango, shea butter and almond oil.Superb for tired and aching legs and feet.